Why You Need Car Detailing

Car detailing is often heard for automotive enthusiasts, especially for cars with mid to high prices. So, to keep the vehicle shiny at all times requires special work such as car detailing. The process also varies, from 12 hours to daily counts, depending on the size of the car itself. Why so long? As the name implies, namely detailing, the work is also thoroughly detailed. If the car salon only does the washing of tires and wheels, for example, car detail los angeles service goes down to the details of the vehicle tire bolts. The stages are also very many and need technical care so that the results are maximized Royal 1 Mobile Detailing.

The first thing to do is wash the vehicle. It’s the initial technical stuff before giving it another twist. Washing, of course, will clean the vehicle from scale and dust. Also, rinse the soap with the running hose, and don’t use harsh water spray, to avoid peeling car paint. After washing, then it is done like paint correction, which uses compound, polish, and glazing. This is done to remove scratches, scratches, and other defects on the vehicle body. After that, it is only the stage of making protection with a wax/sealant/coating layer on the body surface. Besides, other parts will also be coated in the same way as the body, even though the materials are different. The highest-end result of this treatment is to prevent dust and water from sticking to the vehicle. The vehicle paint will also be ‘sleek’ after this treatment.

However, to last a long time, the vehicle owner must carry out routine maintenance, depending on the schedule of the auto detailing actor. The treatment time varies from 2-3 months. The durability of this detailing can be up to one year or even more if routine maintenance is carried out. Auto detailing details the work. Whereas in an ordinary car salon, you only clean the rim and polish the car tires. Because vehicle maintenance with auto detailing is more complete, the endurance of the work is much longer than an ordinary car salon. Auto detailing can last up to 9 to 12 months. The point is auto detailing is more than just making the car sleek, it can include elements of cleaning, restoring the exterior and interior.

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